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Mon, Feb 14 2011 07:31 | Permalink Some days I just absolutely love my job.

Christian contacted us a few weeks ago to do a photo session with him and his girlfriend, Kami, while she was visiting him from Utah. As the session drew near Bob and I started to suspect he was going to propose during the shoot, but we didn't say anything. Sure enough as Bob and Bryan were setting up and Kami finished getting ready, Christian took me aside and pulled out a ring box!!!! He asked me to pick a great spot and we arranged a signal (talk about pressure). I tried to keep my composure, but I was definitely shaking, over-talking with excitement and fighting back tears. I don't want to say too much more or spoil the surprise in what you're about to watch, but I'm SO SO excited for Kami and Christian to see this slide show and share this special moment with their families!

About the video: Tara (Bob's wife), being the genius that she is, sent me a text message during the shoot. I normally ignore my phone on the job, but she called and texted so many times I thought it was a serious flood/fire/death emergency. Her text read: "I put the video camera in the car just in case he proposes to her :)"  At that point the video camera was too far away and I couldn't (quickly) find a way to get the camera. But her text came just at the right moment. SO, I essentially forced Bryan into switching from photo to video mode on his camera while Bob and I snapped away. SURPRISE!

Thank you both for allowing us to take part in such a special and important moment. This was a first for us!

A few of the photos:

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Celebrating Coordinators And Event Designers

Tue, Feb 8 2011 04:47 | Permalink Suzanne of Shewanders Photography came to us a few weeks ago with an idea she had for a party to celebrate and thank some of our fabulous San Diego wedding consultants and event designers. They so rarely get the thank you they deserve and we love Suzanne too much to ever say no to her. So, amidst preparing for the Bridal Bazaar, editing and booking for summer we found ourselves co-sponsoring a party. Suzanne has a super cool, chic studio in Mission Hills that used to be a rug factory and is perfect for backyard parties. Although, the average backyard party doesn't have a fire spinner.....!

Also, as it turns out (much to my embarrassment) that in the making of the party we discovered that I'm afraid of sparklers. Watch and laugh:

This party was thrown as a collaboration with the following fantastic local vendors
A Sweet Addition, Bob Hoffman Video & Photography, Brightly Designed, CAKE, Concepts Event Design, Dining Details, Eclipse Chocolat, Karma, Rae Florae, Ray Thomas Hair & Make Up, Shewanders Photography, Still Listening Productions, Tiernan Tunes, The White Flower Boutique

We had so much fun making this video and attending such a well planned and decorated event. We're really glad Suzanne thought of us. A lot of hands went into the making of this video. Brainstorming and ideas from our whole crew (plus Suzanne), but the majority of the credit goes to Bryan and Tara for shooting/editing & producing such great footage.
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Lomas Santa Fe

Wed, Feb 2 2011 10:48 | Permalink
Lomas Santa Fe's open house was warm and wonderful. A mixture of members, vendors and staff to mix and mingle with. Their property is beautiful and we had way more fun than we could have possibly expected and ended up closing the place down!

Photos by Bob Hoffman Video & Photography
Flowers by Posy Peddler

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Thanks For Attending the Bridal Bazaar

Tue, Feb 1 2011 11:57 | Permalink
Thank you to all the brides that came to say hi to us at the Bridal Bazaar on Sunday. I know my feet and voice were in a little pain after the show, so I'm sure you all felt the same way. I'm sure you now have a lot of information to go through, so if I can be of any help please let me know. Hope to hear from you soon!

Laraine + Anthony's Engagement Session

Tue, Feb 1 2011 11:41 | Permalink
San Diego weather is (almost) perfect. I'm so glad we rescheduled Laraine and Anthony's shoot that was originally set for a really foggy, gross day. It was fun working with them and the La Jolla sunshine and beautiful sunset was a huge plus.


FREE (Yes, Free) Wedding Photography

Thu, Jan 20 2011 02:24 | Permalink
Bob Hoffman Video & Photography is giving away one FREE (yes, free) Wedding Day Photography at the Bridal Bazaar January 30, 2011

The winners have been selected! Thank you to everyone that entered.

It was a pleasure meeting you all at the show.

If you didn't win we would still LOVE to talk to you about your wedding plans.

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