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Estancia La Jolla Wedding Sampler

Thu, Feb 4 2010 12:27 | Permalink

We love working at the Estancia La Jolla, and we were thrilled to make a wedding demo for them comprised of weddings we have shot there over the past few years. Below is the short version of what we created for them, the longer version that really shows off the property can only be seen in our office or theirs :) I love everything about the Estancia and I love this video because it really shows off their property and our wedding video style all at once.

BHVP Presents: The Estancia La Jolla

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What Brides and Vendors are Saying...

Tue, Jan 19 2010 05:09 | Permalink ...about videography
I posed the question to a group of about 100 wedding industry professionals and married couples/MOBs, "Did you have a videographer at your wedding? Why or why not?" The answers I received blew me away with their positivity. I was moved by all the phenomenal things people had to say about our industry, because to be honest, we don't always get a lot of credit, plus most brides don't see the value in what we do until its already done.

Here are clips of what they had to say:
Couple: Our short recap video is awesome to show to friends and family when we don't have time to watch the entire day
Bride/Coordinator: I didn't want video at first, but I am a huge advocate for video now. I consider it an investment piece for the future.
Bride/Coordinator: Find a way to navigate video into your budget. There are just certain things that photography can't capture...the quiver of your voice as you recite your vows? Priceless!
MOB: Video has saved my daughters marriage more than once! Every time they have a fight they pull out their wedding video and remember why they got married.
Bride/Coordinator/Mom: Your children will thoroughly enjoy watching your video. It is such a joy to watch it with them and answer their questions about our family and my dress. They say "mommy, you're so pretty."
Groom/DJ - The people in your wedding wont always be in your life, having a video to remember them is really special.

...about what they would have done differently
The brides and grooms that answered this question said they would have spent MORE money on their venue and flowers and LESS money on the cost of chair rentals (keep in mind all of these couples had a coordinator and videographer and DID NOT regret it). The two regrets were not hiring a coordinator sooner and really knowing that cheaper doesn't mean better.

...about wedding coordinators
You're only engaged once (hopefully), so you should enjoy it, not stress! The couples we spoke with spoke the world of their coordinators who helped them with everything including:
personal advice on their relationship, telling vendors "no," reminding them when to pay for what, negotiating contracts, their timeline and their budget. In the end they all agreed that having a wedding planner saved them time, money and stress!

Do you have anything to say about videography, wedding coordinators or what you would have done differently? Lets hear it!

Life-Cycle Events

Fri, Jan 15 2010 10:40 | Permalink OMG has it been a busy 2010 so far. Being in the event industry has some ups and downs. "UPs" include having the distinct privilege of capturing special moments and creating beautiful keepsakes for families to literally treasure forever...we make "most prized possessions!" That is seriously amazing to me!

But, for BHVP, being in the event industry isn't all happy and cheery best-day-of-your-life videos. We also do funerals. Funerals are definitely not as fun to do. We have little time to prepare for them, throwing our entire schedule off balance and they are very sad and uncomfortable. They immediately jolt us into the exact opposite of what we normally do. We are present for the worst day, rather than the best day of our clients lives. We really come full circle here.

So many of our clients (and brides) might wonder why the heck anybody would pay for or want a funeral recorded, but for us it is simple. Life cycle events should be remembered. When you are under stress, pressure and adrenaline you can't remember everything that is said. Is the speech your dad gives at your wedding more important than the speech his best friend gives at his funeral? Would you want to remember the eulogy any less?

Over the past month we have videotaped six funerals and memorials. It isn't something we like to do, but it is part of our duty to the San Diego community and our clients.

Rest In Peace:

Eric Ott
Sol Price
Daniel Alessio
Leo Barrozo

We wish your families the best.


Questions to Ask Your Videographer

Mon, Dec 7 2009 03:32 | Permalink I recently recieved an email from a prospective bride
with the longest list of questions I have ever seen!
It took me a while to answer them, but I thought it was
really smart of her to ask. They were questions I thought
other couples might not think of! So, I hope they help.

How long have you been in business?
Is this your primary job, or a hobby?
Do you have an office?
How many weddings have you worked at? (for
videographers/photographers this is more important than
"Have you worked at my venue before?")
What do your DVD covers look like?
How do I receive the DVDs?
Regular mail? UPS? Pick them up in person?
What is your travel fee?
(It is customary for vendors to charge a travel
fee and/or flight/hotel costs if
your wedding is not with in their city/county).
Who shoots the weddings? Who edits them?
What type of equipment are you using?

Jen + Jason, October 2, 2009

Wed, Nov 25 2009 12:12 | Permalink Jen found us from our ad on Videography was important to her because some of her family were unable to make the wedding. Plus she understood the value of having such a precious celebration on video for years to come. She and Jason stayed at The Bay Club hotel and had their ceremony at Point Loma Nazarene University where Jen went to school. Everybody feared rain, but as it turned out, the pre-rain clouds made for one of the most beautiful sunsets we have ever captured on video! Following the ceremony guests enjoyed the sunset with a group photo and toast in place of a cocktail hour. Their Reception took place at Tom Ham's Lighthouse.

Jen chose our Timeless Memories package and we captured the day with two cameras at the ceremony and one at the reception.
Enjoy their recap:

Mary Bowerman helped plan their beautiful day!
p.s. LOVE LOVE LOVE the sparkler grand exit!!

Jen and Jason - Thank you for the opportunity to attend your beautiful wedding. You are adorable together!

Sports Themed Wedding?

Thu, Nov 19 2009 03:51 | Permalink Wohoo SD ABC Meetings!

Every month we meet with pretty cool SD wedding professionals. Aside from the typical meeting stuff we enjoy great food, great company and a much needed break from the work week. Every month it helps me remember how incredibly lucky I am to live in San Diego!!!

This month our meeting was hosted by the Hall of Champions in Balboa Park. It's different from the typical wedding venue, but its great for a rehearsal dinner or a sports themed event, and its bound to impress locals and out of town sports fans. As usual though there are plenty of great things to share. Check it out (sorry the pictures aren't the best, iphone in an awesomely lit room = dark photos)

Welcome to the Hall of Champions:

Our event included free admission to the museum.
Did you know the Chargers used to be in L.A?
I'm a bit uneducated in football.

And then there's food! Pumpkin soup, chicken crapes, red velvet
The French Gourmet.. I wish I could remember what it was called!
It was yummy regular coffee with thick whipped cream and chocolate
bits mixed in. It was like a mini adult do-it-yourself ice cream sundae station.
Delicious .

Groom cakes! Basketballs, footballs, surf boards...all by
The French Gourmet

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