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See Ya Later 2014

Tue, Dec 30 2014 03:11 | Permalink

We want to take this time at the end of the year to thank all of our clients, friends, and families who have allowed us to have another successful working year.

We had a lot of fun opportunities this year and we made the most of each one.  We plan to bring a lot more fun, hard work, and great content through out all of 2015.  That's our promise.

Stay tuned for more great videos and beautiful shoots.

Caroline + Scott | Grand Tradition Estate

Thu, Apr 21 2011 10:22 | Permalink We met Caroline and her mom at a Bridal Bazaar and we loved them right away. Caroline actually came back later in the show and booked us on the spot! We encourage this type of behavior, although we know it's rare :)

Caroline and Scott met in college and had an incredible romantic wedding on really the most perfectly beautiful San Diego day! We did their entire wedding with two cameras, plus some surprise third camera footage from Tara and her little new HD cam!

Here is their romantic wedding day highlight from the Grand Tradition! I shouldn't spoil the video, but I definitely got a bit emotional seeing the carriage ride in with her dad. That really is magical. I loved seeing their parents watching them during the ceremony and Caroline & Scott "dancing" with grandma via skype at the reception. Caroline is a cheer coach and all her girls were there to cheer them on at various parts of the reception. Adorable.

Videography by Bob & Bryan. Editing genius by Tommy D

Wedding Videography Trend Report

Tue, Nov 9 2010 09:28 | Permalink

Take a Sneak Peak at Our Article in
San Diego Style Weddings Magazine

October/November Issue - Page 342

From “in” colors and dresses to what’s hot in decor, videographers witness trends come and go. No matter what your style, be it traditional, romantic, eco-conscious, DIY or trendy, you want to be sure your wedding day is recorded! Ask any bride to recount her special day and she’ll say it just flew by. Regardless of this years trend, when you watch your wedding video ten, twenty or fifty years from now, there is nothing like seeing and hearing every moment of the most important day of your life. So, of course times change, but having every detail of your wedding recorded on video lasts forever, and what’s trendier than that?

San Diego Style Weddings

Emerging 2010 Wedding Trends

1. High Definition (HD) has been available for weddings since 2007. With more couples owning HDTVs and Blu-Ray players, it’s becoming accessible to the average couple. HD is six times sharper than standard and actually provides a more flattering image (plus, any great videographer will edit away your blemishes anyhow). Soon, all videographers that haven’t already, will make the transition, making HD/Blu-Ray the norm in the wedding business. So, upgrade now and be thankful for the amazing quality later, because why wouldn’t you want the best that’s available in 2010? Since HD and Blu-Ray are still relatively new technologies, expect most videographers to charge $400 to $1,000 for the upgrade.

2. Shorter Videos Couples nowadays are asking for shorter videos. With our fast moving 2010 lifestyles, people are busy and don’t always have time to watch a full wedding video every time friends and family come over. So, many couples are opting for a highlight style video instead, or for both a full-length and shorter version. Short and sweet keeps the absolute best moments of the day in one short place.

3. Video Save-The-Date, Invite or Thank You's Similar to cake styles and flower arrangements, videography is constantly evolving with the times. For the eco or trendy/techie bride, wedding websites are in, and environmentally conscious. Video save-the-dates are equally cool, but also classy and unique with the added benefit of saving trees (and some green). So, why not spice up your wedding website with a video save-the-date, invite or thank you? Video clips can include information to replace the traditional paper inserts. Directions, hotel accommodations and registry instructions can be displayed through video graphics. Plus, you and your fiancé can show your ceremony and reception venues, give guests tips about what to do in town and detail how to RSVP. You could also include a montage of family photos, interviews with the bridal party and the story of how you first met. After the wedding a special “thank you” video can also be uploaded and emailed to your guests.

4. Incorporate Video into the Event One way to spice up the night is to incorporate video into the event! Love to party? Videographers will capture every special moment as it unfolds and project it onto a big screen. This is called a live-feed. From your dad’s tearful toast to the impromptu groomsman break dance sesh, every guest will feel included and at the front of the action.

5. Share Moments From Your Ceremony Surprise everyone at the reception by sharing the most beautiful moments of your wedding ceremony, freshly edited, and ready for viewing only hours after the ceremony. Videographers call this a same day edit or "mad dash." Your videographer shoots your pre-ceremony and ceremony as usual and has an assistant quickly edit the footage into a short highlight to play for your guests at the reception. It can be included with a love story, old home videos and pictures. Why it’s so cool: Your guests can’t see your faces, and oftentimes can’t clearly hear your vows during the ceremony, and you definitely don’t want all of them in the room with you while you get ready! These edits allow your guests a behind the scenes look at your relationship and your wedding day. Plus, its super romantic and bound to earn a tearful applause.

6. Videos for Your iPhone In 2010 we can hold technology in the palm of our hands, literally. So, why shouldn’t you be able to show your wedding video on the go? 2010 brides are asking for their highlight videos, re-cap and full length videos in a version compatible for showing on their smart phone or uploading to Facebook. Viewing your wedding online is the ultimate in convenience and portability.

All in all, find a way to navigate video into your budget, because sound and movement, professionally recorded by your videographer, can’t be preserved by photography. You should even consider your wedding video an investment for the future. Years from now you’ll watch it with your children. As you laugh and cry, you’ll reminisce about the awesome trends of 2010 and your amazing day! You will want to keep your video forever and it will become your most prized possession.

Page 342


What Brides and Vendors are Saying...

Tue, Jan 19 2010 05:09 | Permalink ...about videography
I posed the question to a group of about 100 wedding industry professionals and married couples/MOBs, "Did you have a videographer at your wedding? Why or why not?" The answers I received blew me away with their positivity. I was moved by all the phenomenal things people had to say about our industry, because to be honest, we don't always get a lot of credit, plus most brides don't see the value in what we do until its already done.

Here are clips of what they had to say:
Couple: Our short recap video is awesome to show to friends and family when we don't have time to watch the entire day
Bride/Coordinator: I didn't want video at first, but I am a huge advocate for video now. I consider it an investment piece for the future.
Bride/Coordinator: Find a way to navigate video into your budget. There are just certain things that photography can't capture...the quiver of your voice as you recite your vows? Priceless!
MOB: Video has saved my daughters marriage more than once! Every time they have a fight they pull out their wedding video and remember why they got married.
Bride/Coordinator/Mom: Your children will thoroughly enjoy watching your video. It is such a joy to watch it with them and answer their questions about our family and my dress. They say "mommy, you're so pretty."
Groom/DJ - The people in your wedding wont always be in your life, having a video to remember them is really special.

...about what they would have done differently
The brides and grooms that answered this question said they would have spent MORE money on their venue and flowers and LESS money on the cost of chair rentals (keep in mind all of these couples had a coordinator and videographer and DID NOT regret it). The two regrets were not hiring a coordinator sooner and really knowing that cheaper doesn't mean better.

...about wedding coordinators
You're only engaged once (hopefully), so you should enjoy it, not stress! The couples we spoke with spoke the world of their coordinators who helped them with everything including:
personal advice on their relationship, telling vendors "no," reminding them when to pay for what, negotiating contracts, their timeline and their budget. In the end they all agreed that having a wedding planner saved them time, money and stress!

Do you have anything to say about videography, wedding coordinators or what you would have done differently? Lets hear it!

Don't Hire a Videographer

Wed, Oct 28 2009 01:20 | Permalink Why? Why would you get a video? You have pictures. It isn't in your budget. Why pay for something you're only going to watch once a year at most anyhow? Why pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for something you can do yourself with your cell phone!

Tons of couples tell me that they don't want video, its too expensive or they just don't see the point. I get that...not everybody appreciates the same things, or wants the same things for their wedding day, and I'm not personally offended. But, think about this...

Two months after your wedding day you watch your video and laugh at all of the funny things your friends did when you weren't looking and cry when you watch your maid of honors heartfelt toast. You will recount the time it took to plan and all of the hard work did to make the day spectacular. You will remember your amazing cake and your beautiful flowers, how much fun you had and how great everything and everybody looked. Most importantly you will remember that you are loved by so many people and you'll be thrilled to have a video of your wedding day.

Three years from now, you and your partner will watch your wedding video and you will remember how much you love each other and it will strengthen your relationship. You will see the huge smile on your face during your vows before you kissed, and remember with clarity how you glided across the dance floor and you'll be greatful to have a video of your wedding day.

Years after that you may loose somebody that's important to you, maybe a grandparent or parent, but they will be forever captured on video. Trust me, there is NOTHING like watching somebody you love on video after they're gone. Its corny, but if a picture is worth 1,000 words, whats a video worth? How much would you pay to have the ability to see your grandparents whenever you want? Hear them speak? Watch them hug you? For the rest of your life, even after they're gone? Not everybody is so lucky. When you watch that person smile, dance, or say into the camera how happy they are for you. You'll be thankful to have a video of your wedding day.

When your children someday want to hear about what you were like when you were younger, you will pull out your video and show them all the people that matter most in your life. You'll tell them stories and they will actually be able to see who you're talking about (and laugh at our crazy 2009 style). Wouldn't you love to watch your parents wedding video if they had one? Trust this moment, you'll be happy to have a video of your wedding day, and you'll wish you had more.

This isn't even about how I think you should hire us, how we will do an excellent job for you or about how experienced we are.. You should, we will, and we are, but that's not the point. If you're reading this far, I care about your personal memories...and I want you to have a wedding video. Everybody should be lucky enough to find the person they love, have an amazing day to
celebrate it, and rememeber it forever. What if you could watch your grandparents wedding video? Would you thank them or would you throw it away? Would it make having it sit for years at a time unwatched "worth it." If you don't think its worth the cost and effort to record your wedding because it isn't important to you now, think about how important it may be to you later,
to your kids and grandchildren. Whatever you spend on it is worth the cost because it really does last forever.

If you disagree, don't hire a videographer, but the point is that if you want to really remember your wedding you should have it captured on video, by a trustworthy professional that has your best interests at heart. If you don't, I promise, one day you will regret it.
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