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Questions to Ask Your Videographer

Mon, Dec 7 2009 03:32 | Permalink I recently recieved an email from a prospective bride
with the longest list of questions I have ever seen!
It took me a while to answer them, but I thought it was
really smart of her to ask. They were questions I thought
other couples might not think of! So, I hope they help.

How long have you been in business?
Is this your primary job, or a hobby?
Do you have an office?
How many weddings have you worked at? (for
videographers/photographers this is more important than
"Have you worked at my venue before?")
What do your DVD covers look like?
How do I receive the DVDs?
Regular mail? UPS? Pick them up in person?
What is your travel fee?
(It is customary for vendors to charge a travel
fee and/or flight/hotel costs if
your wedding is not with in their city/county).
Who shoots the weddings? Who edits them?
What type of equipment are you using?
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