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Q&A With a Videographer

Wed, Apr 1 2009 12:22 | Permalink Found this great article at Wed Alert
Below is a portion of it, and I have answered the questions for you!

How long have you been in business?
A more experienced videographer should do a
better job for you. We have been in business since 1983,
we have shot at almost every San Diego location and
there is a good chance that we can show you a sample of it!
I hear stories about budget vendors closing down and
running off with your deposits....that makes me so sad!
We wont do that, we are a full time, full service production
company with an established reputation in the industry.

How many cameras do you use?
Does that mean a second videographer?

If you are having "two cameras", then find out if that
means a second videographer or just a camera on a tripod.
Having a second videographer is more expensive than just
a camera on a tripod (usually kept on wide angle).
A second videographer can be well worth the extra cost
due to the extra coverage you will get. Be sure to discuss
camera placement and any videotaping restrictions ahead
of time with your videographer.
We prefer to do all ceremonys with two cameras
(and two camera people), that way we can be sure to
capture everything. We only need one experienced
camera person for your reception unless it is more
than 200 people. Some companies offer as many as 4
cameras at the ceremony, but don't be fooled...4 cameras
can still mean just one camera person, and 4 cameras on
tri-pods wont get the quality shots you need to create a great video.

What type of cameras do you use?
"3-Chip Digital" is the most recent and highest resolution camera.
Digital cameras have 530 lines of resolution. Super VHS & Hi-8
cameras (which use analog tape) have 400 lines of resolution
and VHS cameras have 230 lines of resolution. The higher
the lines of resolution, the better quality picture you will get,
but expect to pay more for a videographer who uses 3-Chip
Digital cameras.
3-Chip! We use the best quality cameras and editing software
available. We are now shooting in HD
(email me for more info:

How many and what kind of
microphones do you use?

Audio quality is just as important as video quality.
At the ceremony, have the groom wear a Wireless
microphone and have another one on the podium for
any readers or singers. At the reception, make sure
everyone who is giving a toast or blessing is using a
microphone; this includes the person who is introducing
the bridal party. Be sure to discuss audio placement
ahead of time with your videographer.
Thats exactly what we do!! The sound quality on our
videos is always excellent!!!

How do you stay up-to-date in the video business?
Video technology is an ever-changing field (like the computer field)
and professionals need to stay current. A videographer should be a
member in local and national associations. Ask the videographer
if he/she has ever been to any seminars or conventions. Any
videographer belonging to WEVA (Wedding & Event
Videography Association) or ABC (Association of Bridal Consultants)
is a big plus.
Well we happen to be proud members of both,
we are also members of
Wedding Specialists of San Diego.

How can I see samples of your work?
This is especially important when dealing with
larger studios that may have several crews that
they send out on the weekend. Some videographers
will send out demo tapes and others will ask you to
schedule an appointment to visit them, others have
video clips (called streaming video) on their website
where you can view their work while you are on the
internet. If possible, try to meet with the videographer
before you sign the contract.
Of Course you can see samples!! There are samples on our blog,
samples on
our site and a whole storage facility filled with
26 years worth of wedding videos(...seriously).
You are more than welcome to come by to see samples of your location.

If you have ANY other questions please call or email me!, 858-576-0046
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