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What Brides and Vendors are Saying...

Tue, Jan 19 2010 05:09 | Permalink ...about videography
I posed the question to a group of about 100 wedding industry professionals and married couples/MOBs, "Did you have a videographer at your wedding? Why or why not?" The answers I received blew me away with their positivity. I was moved by all the phenomenal things people had to say about our industry, because to be honest, we don't always get a lot of credit, plus most brides don't see the value in what we do until its already done.

Here are clips of what they had to say:
Couple: Our short recap video is awesome to show to friends and family when we don't have time to watch the entire day
Bride/Coordinator: I didn't want video at first, but I am a huge advocate for video now. I consider it an investment piece for the future.
Bride/Coordinator: Find a way to navigate video into your budget. There are just certain things that photography can't capture...the quiver of your voice as you recite your vows? Priceless!
MOB: Video has saved my daughters marriage more than once! Every time they have a fight they pull out their wedding video and remember why they got married.
Bride/Coordinator/Mom: Your children will thoroughly enjoy watching your video. It is such a joy to watch it with them and answer their questions about our family and my dress. They say "mommy, you're so pretty."
Groom/DJ - The people in your wedding wont always be in your life, having a video to remember them is really special.

...about what they would have done differently
The brides and grooms that answered this question said they would have spent MORE money on their venue and flowers and LESS money on the cost of chair rentals (keep in mind all of these couples had a coordinator and videographer and DID NOT regret it). The two regrets were not hiring a coordinator sooner and really knowing that cheaper doesn't mean better.

...about wedding coordinators
You're only engaged once (hopefully), so you should enjoy it, not stress! The couples we spoke with spoke the world of their coordinators who helped them with everything including:
personal advice on their relationship, telling vendors "no," reminding them when to pay for what, negotiating contracts, their timeline and their budget. In the end they all agreed that having a wedding planner saved them time, money and stress!

Do you have anything to say about videography, wedding coordinators or what you would have done differently? Lets hear it!
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