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Why Hire a Videographer?

Wed, Apr 1 2009 02:00 | Permalink Why hire a videographer when you have a fantastic
photographer, right? Well, we think video is an
important way to remember your wedding for years
to come. There is no substitute for being able to relive
the special moments of your wedding day (your vows,
your sisters tearful toast, your dad's proud face) over
and over again, but dont take our word for it, we are
a little biased after all....

In 2003 the Wedding and Event Videography
Association (WEVA) conducted a survey of brides
married in 2002. The telephone survery revealed that
"after the wedding, 94% of these brides say they consider
professional videography at least a Top 10 service.
One of the most surprising findings of the survey is the
second thoughts, even regrets, among brides who
decided not to utilize the services of professional videographers.
Among brides who used a friend or family member to videotape
their wedding instead of using a professional, nearly half (49%)
said they would hire a professional if they had it all to do
over again (
WEVA Article). "

We are in no way suggesting that you should hire a videographer
of a photographer, but before you dismiss the idea of
having a videographer, consider what is important to you in the
future. How much would you pay to have clear footage of yourself,
your family and your friends five, ten, thirty...fifty years from now?
It may be more valuable than you think!

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