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Rachel + Gianni's Engagement

Fri, Aug 6 2010 12:22 | Permalink


Rachel was my college roommate/best friend. When she came down from LA for a visit, we were obviously more than happy to take these pictures for them! Rachel let Bob select Rose Canyon for beautiful nature shots while the wild flowers were still in season. We hung out for a few hours, Gianni carried Rachel across the creek for a quick photo-op and they danced together in the flower fields, making taking their pictures a sinch. I approve :)

There's nothing like an old fashioned "thank you"

Mon, Oct 19 2009 02:19 | Permalink We stress so much over every detail of every video! We want
everything to be perfect...the shots, the focus, the sound, the picture
quality, your expression, the font, the DVD cover, the lighting, the
music...EVERYTHING. It has been a particularly busy/stressful
month for us and we have alot going on. It is SUCH a relief when we
get thank you notes and emails. It means you like what we did
and we did it right! Not that we're ever surprised (we know we
do a great job), but its nice to have the confirmation that YOU
liked it. Every video is truly a team effort and I love sharing all
the accolades with all of the people that did the work. So, thank
you for your thank yous!It brightens up our entire office. We got
a bunch this week that I'd like to share :)
"Thank you, thank you for the wonderful video...The wedding
day seems to just zip by and one does not really have a chance
to fully enjoy, or even remember all the special moments of the
day. It is truly a treasure!! Thank you for your incredible
talents in putting it together." - MOB
"Thanks to Amanda and especially to Bob and Tara- That was an
amazing video!! We all enjoyed it immensely and will continue
to do so again and again and again." - MOB

"We want to say "thank you" to Bob Hoffman Video Productions
for helping us keep our memories of our special day for years to come.
Thanks for all your help...please also say a special "thank you" to
Tommy D - our wonderful videographer at the event!!" -Bride and Groom

"Hi Amanda, Thank you for your Congrats!  We are so happy.
Tom and Jonathan were really nice and did a great job of being
in the background.  I can hardly wait to see the video." - Bride

"Please know that we LOVE the video and we are over the
moon with the final production.  I truly felt like I was reliving
my day.  You are your staff have been such a pleasure to work
with. Thank you for helping to make my special day so memorable."
- Bride

"Thanks again for everything!! We love the video, its awesome.
Please tell Tom and Don they did a wonderful job!" - Bride and Groom

What a week!!!!!! Thank you again!! We know it must be
tedious to write out all of your thank you notes, but we really
do appreciate them. And I even post the pretty ones on my wall :)
There's really nothing like an old fashioned thank you note.
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