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Kethurah + Akshay | San Diego Indian Wedding

Thu, Mar 24 2011 12:38 | Permalink
 Maria Gomez-Laurens : " When planning a wedding in one week all you need are heros."

Well I think Maria is a hero! Kethurah and Akshay decided to get married and gave Maria one weeks notice to plan! Maria did it with grace and pulled off a fabulous celebration! I'm so glad she asked us to be a part of it and that we were available to photograph and videotape for them.Congratulations Kethurah and Akshay.

 Akshay calling his brother so he could listen in and be a part of the ceremony

with their fabulous wedding planner and friend

Coordination: | Maria Gomez-Laurens of Imagine Weddings
Venus | Bawarchi
Bouquet | Kathy Wright & Co
Photography | Bob Hoffman Video & Photography
Videography | Bob Hoffman Video & Photography


Mon, Feb 14 2011 07:31 | Permalink Some days I just absolutely love my job.

Christian contacted us a few weeks ago to do a photo session with him and his girlfriend, Kami, while she was visiting him from Utah. As the session drew near Bob and I started to suspect he was going to propose during the shoot, but we didn't say anything. Sure enough as Bob and Bryan were setting up and Kami finished getting ready, Christian took me aside and pulled out a ring box!!!! He asked me to pick a great spot and we arranged a signal (talk about pressure). I tried to keep my composure, but I was definitely shaking, over-talking with excitement and fighting back tears. I don't want to say too much more or spoil the surprise in what you're about to watch, but I'm SO SO excited for Kami and Christian to see this slide show and share this special moment with their families!

About the video: Tara (Bob's wife), being the genius that she is, sent me a text message during the shoot. I normally ignore my phone on the job, but she called and texted so many times I thought it was a serious flood/fire/death emergency. Her text read: "I put the video camera in the car just in case he proposes to her :)"  At that point the video camera was too far away and I couldn't (quickly) find a way to get the camera. But her text came just at the right moment. SO, I essentially forced Bryan into switching from photo to video mode on his camera while Bob and I snapped away. SURPRISE!

Thank you both for allowing us to take part in such a special and important moment. This was a first for us!

A few of the photos:

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