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Video Jargon

Thu, Oct 29 2009 10:03 | Permalink You have read every bridal magazine on the planet, but sometimes 
it's hard to decode what your vendors are talking about. 
Video happens to be our specialty, so let us help you:

1-Cam/ 2-Cam
This refers to the number of cameras that will be used at your 

wedding. When one camera is used you have only one angle. 
However, two cameras can capture mom and dad crying during 
the ceremony and your faces as you say your vows. The editor 
can cut back and forth. Two cameras can also improve audio 
quality since each camera allows for two channels of sound. 
Generally, 2-cam is necessary for the ceremony, but only 1-cam 
for the reception.

Authoring is the process of creating custom chapter points or 

"scene selections" on your video. It is fairly time consuming, 
but makes for a very impressive way to view your wedding.

HD Video
High Definition  (HD) is the future of the industry. 

The equipment is still expensive for studios and consumers to 
acquire, but it is slowly becoming more affordable. HD is six 
times better than a standard DVD.

For more video term clarification email Amanda at anytime.

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