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Some Beautiful Wedding Highlights

Fri, Mar 13 2015 03:17 | Permalink
We publish a lot of different videos for our clients, and in a scramble to keep up we don't always get to share as much as we'd like. Luckily one of our editors created this quick recap video full of examples of videos we've done over the last couple of months.

I think it is a great recap of our work over the past couple of months and specifically shows the fun and pride we take in capturing the irreplaceable moments in a couples lives.

We work with so many cool and charismatic couples and we would love to add you to that list. If you are interested in capturing every moment of your special day let us know and we'll show you exactly what we can do for you.


Dre + Josh | Engagement Session | Condor's Nest Ranch

Mon, Apr 2 2012 01:00 | Permalink


A Tradition of Video

Mon, Mar 12 2012 11:00 | Permalink
In 1993 we videotaped a Bar Mitzvah for a lovely family. In 2007 that Bar Mitzvah boy got married! Luckily, his bride loved our work and hired us on for their wedding. Two years ago they welcomed a son into their family as well.

This year, David’s wife, Inna, had the idea to create a Bar Mitzvah highlight for David’s birthday. So, we had the pleasure of working with them yet again!

David’s Bar Mitzvah and wedding were so filled with joy and love. It certainly wasn’t difficult to see how much they love each other and how much their family loves them. It gives us a great deal of pride to know that Inna & David’s son will be fortunate enough to enjoy seeing his parents, grandparents and great grandparents on video. They won’t be always be here and having their voices and expressions preserved on video will be truly priceless.

Thank you Inna and David for trusting us with your memories for the 19 years (and counting). Happy Birthday David!

David’s Bar Mitzvah (shot in 1993, edited in 2012):

Inna & David’s Wedding (shot and edited in 2007):

Gabbie + Mike | Rockin' Pre-Wedding Photo Session

Tue, Nov 29 2011 02:50 | Permalink

Gabbie & Mike - thank you again for the great session and for trusting me to run around you with fire :) Less than three months until your wedding!! 

                                                                                                                            <3 Amanda

Whitney + Brian | The Dana on Mission Bay

Fri, Nov 4 2011 12:13 | Permalink This will be my third and final post about Whitney and Brian's wedding (Wedding & Engagement) because their video is finally here!! I am so happy for them and the family they're creating, but a little sad to officially be done working on their wedding.

Whitney gave us complete trust to do whatever we wanted when it came to her video, including a little bit of force to do it in the first place. We gave her a lot of exciting surprises along the way and we're all beyond thrilled that they loved everything we did to make her day amazing.

Her email response to this highlight totally made my day: "That is soooo awesome! I love this video, I loved that day, I love life."

Their wedding was filled with love and focus on their relationship. Almost all of their vendors were close friends and professionals in the industry, so the whole day flowed seamlessly. Eric Scott Gold made sure that everyone had an excellent time and even set up fun, surprise reception lights for when the party really got started. My favorite part was Whitney's surprise voice-over message that we made with her for the father-daughter dance.

Whitney used a lot of our wedding videos to help her plan, so I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you stole a few ideas from her too.

Thank you to the Bob Hoffman  team (Bob, Tara, Tom, Jonathan, Bryan & Tristan) for working so hard to make my friends wedding great :)

Photo + Video | Bob Hoffman Video & Photography
DJ | Classy Event Group, Eric Scott Gold
Venue | The Dana on Mission Bay
Florist | Randi Tucker
Officiant | Greg Tucker
Guitarist | Aaron Tucker
And a little bit of coordination by me :)

- Amanda
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