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Shana's Bouquet Toss 4.24.10

Fri, Oct 8 2010 03:58 | Permalink
No wedding is ever 100% perfect. Even with all the planning in the world and the best planner in town (which I highly recommend hiring), something is bound to come up that wasn't in the plan. The key is to roll with it and enjoy yourself.

This clip is the perfect example! When Shana throws her bouquet it hits the chandelier and gets stuck! The best part is that her MC actually warned her to be careful beforehand (listen carefully). The wedding party got a complete kick out of it and we thought it was pretty funny too. I love that Tom was able to get a close-up of the bouquet stuck up there.

Quite often the unplanned moments of a wedding reception are the most memorable...good thing they hired us to capture it on video :)

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