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Some Beautiful Wedding Highlights

Fri, Mar 13 2015 03:17 | Permalink
We publish a lot of different videos for our clients, and in a scramble to keep up we don't always get to share as much as we'd like. Luckily one of our editors created this quick recap video full of examples of videos we've done over the last couple of months.

I think it is a great recap of our work over the past couple of months and specifically shows the fun and pride we take in capturing the irreplaceable moments in a couples lives.

We work with so many cool and charismatic couples and we would love to add you to that list. If you are interested in capturing every moment of your special day let us know and we'll show you exactly what we can do for you.


See Ya Later 2014

Tue, Dec 30 2014 03:11 | Permalink

We want to take this time at the end of the year to thank all of our clients, friends, and families who have allowed us to have another successful working year.

We had a lot of fun opportunities this year and we made the most of each one.  We plan to bring a lot more fun, hard work, and great content through out all of 2015.  That's our promise.

Stay tuned for more great videos and beautiful shoots.

Tram & Khanh

Mon, Dec 8 2014 11:42 | Permalink
Tram and Khanh are one heck of a cute couple. 

We all came together at Old Poway Park for this specific engagement shoot.  We love to shoot at Old Poway Park because it is what I like to call an inception location.  You get one giant lush park with tons of smaller, more intimate places to take photos. There are locations inside of locations. Inception.

The park is next an old train station so there is a great vintage feel to everything:  Train tracks, box cars, white picket fences.  Khanh came up with the idea to include the suitcase which gave the whole shoot a cool narrative.

Can't you just see these two hitting the road, on the lam,  Bonnie and Clyde style.  What is in that suitcase Khanh???

They both enjoy photography and have a great eye together so it was a huge pleasure and ease to shoot the two of them.

We will update the blog very soon with photos from their actual wedding.  Keep an eye out!


Wiggin and Jeff Wedding | Real Wedding

Mon, Oct 13 2014 12:52 | Permalink

Wiggin and Jeff are a dream couple. Truly, truly a dream.  

We posted their wonderful engagement photos a few month ago on our blog (which you should definitely check out) so we thought we'd give you an update on their beautiful wedding day. 

Wiggin and Jeff had an outdoor wedding on the back lawn of The Dana Hotel on Mission Bay facing the water on a day with storybook perfect weather.  Great vibes and smiling faces throughout the entire ceremony as friends and family gathered to celebrate this union.

There was a good break between ceremony and the reception, which was lucky for us because we got to take this time to cruise to some of our favorite San Diego spots and capture even more images.

We have to say besides Jeff being one handsome dude and Wiggin being an undeniable beauty they are also some of the sweetest and smartest people in the world.  We wish them every happiness.

One unique thing about this wedding was that Wiggin and Jeff had games running throughout the reception for both them and their guests to participate in.  They had trivia and selfie scavenger hunts amongst many others.  It really gave the evening a great flow and kept everyone in a happy-go-lucky mood.


Monica and Kevin | Real Wedding

Mon, Jul 21 2014 03:54 | Permalink

Monica & Kevin Jewell are from Los Angeles but they knew they wanted to have a nice outdoor wedding so they traveled south to the beautiful Bernardo Winery to have their ceremony.  We have to commend them on their decision because they chose an absolutely perfect day. 

Monica & Kevin were great to work with and so cheerful.  You could definitely see their love and joy throughout the ceremony. There was a bunch of beautiful lighting and the vineyard was a great rustic backdrop. We hope you guys love this couple and these pictures as much as we do.

 Monica has a great eye for detail and her creative touches came through in every aspect of the wedding. We loved the flowery headbands on the bridesmaids and the old timey suitcase for guests to put gifts in!


Wiggin & Jeff | Engagement Session

Wed, May 28 2014 03:28 | Permalink

We had a wonderful time taking these  photos with our friends Wiggin & Jeff.  We shot these just down the road from their house at a really wonderful park.

They brought balloons and sparklers and had such great ideas. They are undeniably cute together and it was easy to get great pictures from such a loving couple.

We can't wait to see what they do with their wedding.  I'm sure it's going to melt our hearts.



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